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snd_pmac Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

int active
unsigned int auto_mute: 1
struct awacs_regs __iomem * awacs
int awacs_reg [8]
struct pmac_beepbeep
unsigned int can_byte_swap: 1
unsigned int can_capture: 1
unsigned int can_duplex: 1
struct pmac_stream capture
struct snd_cardcard
unsigned int control_mask
int(* detect_headphone )(struct snd_pmac *chip)
unsigned int device_id
struct snd_kcontroldrc_sw_ctl
struct pmac_dbdma extra_dma
unsigned int feature_is_set: 1
int format
unsigned int formats_ok
int * freq_table
unsigned int freqs_ok
unsigned int has_iic: 1
struct snd_kcontrolhp_detect_ctl
unsigned int hp_stat_mask
unsigned int initialized: 1
int irq
unsigned int is_k2: 1
unsigned int is_pbook_3400: 1
unsigned int is_pbook_G3: 1
unsigned char __iomem * latch_base
struct snd_kcontrollineout_sw_ctl
unsigned char __iomem * macio_base
unsigned int manufacturer
struct snd_kcontrolmaster_sw_ctl
void * mixer_data
void(* mixer_free )(struct snd_pmac *)
enum snd_pmac_model model
struct device_node * node
int num_freqs
struct snd_pcmpcm
struct pci_dev * pdev
struct pmac_stream playback
int rate_index
spinlock_t reg_lock
unsigned int requested
unsigned int revision
struct resource rsrc [3]
int rx_irq
void(* set_format )(struct snd_pmac *chip)
struct snd_kcontrolspeaker_sw_ctl
unsigned int subframe
int tx_irq
void(* update_automute )(struct snd_pmac *chip, int do_notify)

Detailed Description

Definition at line 91 of file pmac.h.

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