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Public Attributes

snd_card Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

struct devicecard_dev
char components [128]
struct list_head controls
int controls_count
struct rw_semaphore controls_rwsem
struct list_head ctl_files
rwlock_t ctl_files_rwlock
struct devicedev
struct list_head devices
char driver [16]
struct list_head files_list
spinlock_t files_lock
int free_on_last_close
char id [16]
unsigned int last_numid
char longname [80]
char mixername [80]
struct module * module
int number
void * private_data
void(* private_free )(struct snd_card *card)
struct snd_info_entryproc_id
struct snd_info_entryproc_root
struct proc_dir_entry * proc_root_link
struct snd_shutdown_f_ops * s_f_ops
char shortname [32]
int shutdown
wait_queue_head_t shutdown_sleep
int user_ctl_count

Detailed Description

Definition at line 98 of file core.h.

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