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 * sound/soc/blackfin/bf5xx-ac97.h
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License version 2 as
 * published by the Free Software Foundation.

#ifndef _BF5XX_AC97_H
#define _BF5XX_AC97_H

extern struct snd_ac97_bus_ops bf5xx_ac97_ops;
extern struct snd_ac97 *ac97;
/* Frame format in memory, only support stereo currently */
struct ac97_frame {
      u16 ac97_tag;           /* slot 0 */
      u16 ac97_addr;          /* slot 1 */
      u16 ac97_data;          /* slot 2 */
      u16 ac97_pcm_l;         /*slot 3:front left*/
      u16 ac97_pcm_r;         /*slot 4:front left*/
      u16 ac97_mdm_l1;
      u16 ac97_center;  /*slot 6:center*/
      u16 ac97_sl;            /*slot 7:surround left*/
      u16 ac97_sr;            /*slot 8:surround right*/
      u16 ac97_lfe;           /*slot 9:lfe*/
} __attribute__ ((packed));

/* Speaker location */
#define SP_FL           0x0001
#define SP_FR           0x0010
#define SP_FC           0x0002
#define SP_LFE          0x0020
#define SP_SL           0x0004
#define SP_SR           0x0040

#define SP_STEREO (SP_FL | SP_FR)
#define SP_2DOT1  (SP_FL | SP_FR | SP_LFE)
#define SP_QUAD         (SP_FL | SP_FR | SP_SL | SP_SR)
#define SP_5DOT1  (SP_FL | SP_FR | SP_FC | SP_LFE | SP_SL | SP_SR)

#define TAG_VALID       0x8000
#define TAG_CMD               0x6000
#define TAG_PCM_LEFT          0x1000
#define TAG_PCM_RIGHT         0x0800
#define TAG_PCM_MDM_L1        0x0400
#define TAG_PCM_CENTER        0x0200
#define TAG_PCM_SL            0x0100
#define TAG_PCM_SR            0x0080
#define TAG_PCM_LFE           0x0040

extern struct snd_soc_dai bfin_ac97_dai;

void bf5xx_pcm_to_ac97(struct ac97_frame *dst, const __u16 *src, \
            size_t count, unsigned int chan_mask);

void bf5xx_ac97_to_pcm(const struct ac97_frame *src, __u16 *dst, \
            size_t count);


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