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ac97c_platform_data Struct Reference

#include <atmel-ac97c.h>

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Detailed Description

struct atmel_ac97c_pdata - board specific AC97C configuration : DMA slave interface to use for sound capture. : DMA slave interface to use for sound playback. : GPIO pin wired to the reset input on the external AC97 codec, optional to use, set to -ENODEV if not in use. AC97 layer will try to do a software reset of the external codec anyway. : Flags for which directions should be enabled.

If the user do not want to use a DMA channel for playback or capture, i.e. only one feature is required on the board. The slave for playback or capture can be set to NULL. The AC97C driver will take use of this when setting up the sound streams.

Definition at line 33 of file atmel-ac97c.h.

Public Attributes

unsigned int flags
int reset_pin
struct dw_dma_slave rx_dws
struct dw_dma_slave tx_dws

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