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s3c_i2sv2_info Struct Reference

#include <s3c-i2s-v2.h>

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Detailed Description

struct s3c_i2sv2_info - S3C I2S-V2 information : The parent device passed to use from the probe. : The pointer to the device registe block. : True if the I2S core is the I2S bit clock master. : DMA information for playback channel. : DMA information for capture channel. : PM save for the IISMOD register. : PM save for the IISCON register. : PM save for the IISPSR register.

This is the private codec state for the hardware associated with an I2S channel such as the register mappings and clock sources.

Definition at line 42 of file s3c-i2s-v2.h.

Public Attributes

struct device * dev
struct s3c24xx_pcm_dma_params * dma_capture
struct s3c24xx_pcm_dma_params * dma_playback
struct clk * iis_cclk
struct clk * iis_clk
struct clk * iis_pclk
unsigned char master
void __iomem * regs
u32 suspend_iiscon
u32 suspend_iismod
u32 suspend_iispsr

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