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 * Apple Onboard Audio GPIO definitions
 * Copyright 2006 Johannes Berg <johannes@sipsolutions.net>
 * GPL v2, can be found in COPYING.

#ifndef __AOA_GPIO_H
#define __AOA_GPIO_H
#include <linux/workqueue.h>
#include <linux/mutex.h>
#include <asm/prom.h>

typedef void (*notify_func_t)(void *data);

enum notify_type {

struct gpio_runtime;
struct gpio_methods {
      /* for initialisation/de-initialisation of the GPIO layer */
      void (*init)(struct gpio_runtime *rt);
      void (*exit)(struct gpio_runtime *rt);

      /* turn off headphone, speakers, lineout */
      void (*all_amps_off)(struct gpio_runtime *rt);
      /* turn headphone, speakers, lineout back to previous setting */
      void (*all_amps_restore)(struct gpio_runtime *rt);

      void (*set_headphone)(struct gpio_runtime *rt, int on);
      void (*set_speakers)(struct gpio_runtime *rt, int on);
      void (*set_lineout)(struct gpio_runtime *rt, int on);
      void (*set_master)(struct gpio_runtime *rt, int on);

      int (*get_headphone)(struct gpio_runtime *rt);
      int (*get_speakers)(struct gpio_runtime *rt);
      int (*get_lineout)(struct gpio_runtime *rt);
      int (*get_master)(struct gpio_runtime *rt);

      void (*set_hw_reset)(struct gpio_runtime *rt, int on);

      /* use this to be notified of any events. The notification
       * function is passed the data, and is called in process
       * context by the use of schedule_work.
       * The interface for it is that setting a function to NULL
       * removes it, and they return 0 if the operation succeeded,
       * and -EBUSY if the notification is already assigned by
       * someone else. */
      int (*set_notify)(struct gpio_runtime *rt,
                    enum notify_type type,
                    notify_func_t notify,
                    void *data);
      /* returns 0 if not plugged in, 1 if plugged in
       * or a negative error code */
      int (*get_detect)(struct gpio_runtime *rt,
                    enum notify_type type);

struct gpio_notification {
      struct delayed_work work;
      notify_func_t notify;
      void *data;
      void *gpio_private;
      struct mutex mutex;

struct gpio_runtime {
      /* to be assigned by fabric */
      struct device_node *node;
      /* since everyone needs this pointer anyway... */
      struct gpio_methods *methods;
      /* to be used by the gpio implementation */
      int implementation_private;
      struct gpio_notification headphone_notify;
      struct gpio_notification line_in_notify;
      struct gpio_notification line_out_notify;

#endif /* __AOA_GPIO_H */

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