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#ifndef __SOUND_GUS_H
#define __SOUND_GUS_H

 *  Global structures used for GUS part of ALSA driver
 *  Copyright (c) by Jaroslav Kysela <perex@perex.cz>
 *   This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 *   it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 *   the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 *   (at your option) any later version.
 *   This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
 *   but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
 *   GNU General Public License for more details.
 *   You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
 *   along with this program; if not, write to the Free Software
 *   Foundation, Inc., 59 Temple Place, Suite 330, Boston, MA  02111-1307 USA

#include "pcm.h"
#include "rawmidi.h"
#include "timer.h"
#include "seq_midi_emul.h"
#include "seq_device.h"
#include <asm/io.h>

/* IO ports */

#define GUSP(gus, x)                ((gus)->gf1.port + SNDRV_g_u_s_##x)

#define SNDRV_g_u_s_MIDICTRL        (0x320-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_MIDISTAT        (0x320-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_MIDIDATA        (0x321-0x220)

#define SNDRV_g_u_s_GF1PAGE         (0x322-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_GF1REGSEL       (0x323-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_GF1DATALOW            (0x324-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_GF1DATAHIGH           (0x325-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_IRQSTAT         (0x226-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_TIMERCNTRL            (0x228-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_TIMERDATA       (0x229-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_DRAM            (0x327-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_MIXCNTRLREG           (0x220-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_IRQDMACNTRLREG  (0x22b-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_REGCNTRLS       (0x22f-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_BOARDVERSION    (0x726-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_MIXCNTRLPORT    (0x726-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_IVER            (0x325-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_MIXDATAPORT           (0x326-0x220)
#define SNDRV_g_u_s_MAXCNTRLPORT    (0x326-0x220)

/* GF1 registers */

/* global registers */
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_ACTIVE_VOICES        0x0e
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_VOICES_IRQ                 0x0f
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_GLOBAL_MODE          0x19
#define SNDRV_GF1_GW_LFO_BASE             0x1a
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_VOICES_IRQ_READ            0x1f
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_DRAM_DMA_CONTROL           0x41
#define SNDRV_GF1_GW_DRAM_DMA_LOW         0x42
#define SNDRV_GF1_GW_DRAM_IO_LOW          0x43
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_DRAM_IO_HIGH         0x44
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_ADLIB_TIMER_1        0x46
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_ADLIB_TIMER_2        0x47
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_RECORD_RATE          0x48
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_REC_DMA_CONTROL            0x49
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_JOYSTICK_DAC_LEVEL         0x4b
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_RESET                0x4c
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_DRAM_DMA_HIGH        0x50
#define SNDRV_GF1_GW_DRAM_IO16                  0x51
#define SNDRV_GF1_GW_MEMORY_CONFIG        0x52
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_MEMORY_CONTROL       0x53
#define SNDRV_GF1_GW_FIFO_SIZE                  0x56
#define SNDRV_GF1_GW_INTERLEAVE                 0x57
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_COMPATIBILITY        0x59
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_DECODE_CONTROL       0x5a
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_VERSION_NUMBER       0x5b
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_MPU401_CONTROL_A           0x5c
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_MPU401_CONTROL_B           0x5d
#define SNDRV_GF1_GB_EMULATION_IRQ        0x60
/* voice specific registers */
#define SNDRV_GF1_VB_ADDRESS_CONTROL            0x00
#define SNDRV_GF1_VW_FREQUENCY                  0x01
#define SNDRV_GF1_VW_START_HIGH                 0x02
#define SNDRV_GF1_VW_START_LOW                  0x03
#define SNDRV_GF1_VA_START                SNDRV_GF1_VW_START_HIGH
#define SNDRV_GF1_VW_END_HIGH             0x04
#define SNDRV_GF1_VW_END_LOW              0x05
#define SNDRV_GF1_VA_END                  SNDRV_GF1_VW_END_HIGH
#define SNDRV_GF1_VB_VOLUME_RATE          0x06
#define SNDRV_GF1_VB_VOLUME_START         0x07
#define SNDRV_GF1_VB_VOLUME_END                 0x08
#define SNDRV_GF1_VW_VOLUME               0x09
#define SNDRV_GF1_VW_CURRENT_HIGH         0x0a
#define SNDRV_GF1_VW_CURRENT_LOW          0x0b
#define SNDRV_GF1_VB_PAN                  0x0c
#define SNDRV_GF1_VW_OFFSET_RIGHT         0x0c
#define SNDRV_GF1_VB_VOLUME_CONTROL       0x0d
#define SNDRV_GF1_VB_UPPER_ADDRESS        0x10
#define SNDRV_GF1_VW_EFFECT_HIGH          0x11
#define SNDRV_GF1_VW_EFFECT_LOW                 0x12
#define SNDRV_GF1_VW_OFFSET_LEFT          0x13
#define SNDRV_GF1_VB_ACCUMULATOR          0x14
#define SNDRV_GF1_VB_MODE                 0x15
#define SNDRV_GF1_VW_EFFECT_VOLUME        0x16
#define SNDRV_GF1_VB_FREQUENCY_LFO        0x17
#define SNDRV_GF1_VB_VOLUME_LFO                 0x18
#define SNDRV_GF1_VW_OFFSET_RIGHT_FINAL         0x1b
#define SNDRV_GF1_VW_OFFSET_LEFT_FINAL          0x1c

/* ICS registers */

#define SNDRV_ICS_MIC_DEV           0
#define SNDRV_ICS_LINE_DEV          1
#define SNDRV_ICS_CD_DEV            2
#define SNDRV_ICS_GF1_DEV           3
#define SNDRV_ICS_NONE_DEV          4
#define SNDRV_ICS_MASTER_DEV        5

/* LFO */

#define SNDRV_LFO_TREMOLO           0
#define SNDRV_LFO_VIBRATO           1

/* misc */

#define SNDRV_GF1_DMA_UNSIGNED      0x80
#define SNDRV_GF1_DMA_16BIT   0x40
#define SNDRV_GF1_DMA_IRQ     0x20
#define SNDRV_GF1_DMA_WIDTH16 0x04
#define SNDRV_GF1_DMA_READ    0x02  /* read from GUS's DRAM */
#define SNDRV_GF1_DMA_ENABLE  0x01

/* ramp ranges */

#define SNDRV_GF1_ATTEN(x)    (snd_gf1_atten_table[x])
#define SNDRV_GF1_MIN_VOLUME  1800
#define SNDRV_GF1_MAX_VOLUME  4095
#define SNDRV_GF1_MAX_OFFSET  255
#define SNDRV_GF1_MAX_TDEPTH  90

/* defines for memory manager */

#define SNDRV_GF1_MEM_BLOCK_16BIT   0x0001

#define SNDRV_GF1_MEM_OWNER_DRIVER  0x0001
#define SNDRV_GF1_MEM_OWNER_WAVE_GF1      0x0003

/* constants for interrupt handlers */

#define SNDRV_GF1_HANDLER_MIDI_OUT  0x00010000
#define SNDRV_GF1_HANDLER_MIDI_IN   0x00020000
#define SNDRV_GF1_HANDLER_TIMER1    0x00040000
#define SNDRV_GF1_HANDLER_TIMER2    0x00080000
#define SNDRV_GF1_HANDLER_VOICE           0x00100000
#define SNDRV_GF1_HANDLER_DMA_WRITE 0x00200000
#define SNDRV_GF1_HANDLER_DMA_READ  0x00400000
#define SNDRV_GF1_HANDLER_ALL       (0xffff0000&~SNDRV_GF1_HANDLER_VOICE)

/* constants for DMA flags */

#define SNDRV_GF1_DMA_TRIGGER       1

/* --- */

struct snd_gus_card;

/* GF1 specific structure */

struct snd_gf1_bank_info {
      unsigned int address;
      unsigned int size;

struct snd_gf1_mem_block {
      unsigned short flags;   /* flags - SNDRV_GF1_MEM_BLOCK_XXXX */
      unsigned short owner;   /* owner - SNDRV_GF1_MEM_OWNER_XXXX */
      unsigned int share;     /* share count */
      unsigned int share_id[4]; /* share ID */
      unsigned int ptr;
      unsigned int size;
      char *name;
      struct snd_gf1_mem_block *next;
      struct snd_gf1_mem_block *prev;

struct snd_gf1_mem {
      struct snd_gf1_bank_info banks_8[4];
      struct snd_gf1_bank_info banks_16[4];
      struct snd_gf1_mem_block *first;
      struct snd_gf1_mem_block *last;
      struct mutex memory_mutex;

struct snd_gf1_dma_block {
      void *buffer;           /* buffer in computer's RAM */
      unsigned long buf_addr; /* buffer address */
      unsigned int addr;      /* address in onboard memory */
      unsigned int count;     /* count in bytes */
      unsigned int cmd; /* DMA command (format) */
      void (*ack)(struct snd_gus_card * gus, void *private_data);
      void *private_data;
      struct snd_gf1_dma_block *next;

struct snd_gus_port {
      struct snd_midi_channel_set * chset;
      struct snd_gus_card * gus;
      int mode;         /* operation mode */
      int client;       /* sequencer client number */
      int port;         /* sequencer port number */
      unsigned int midi_has_voices: 1;

struct snd_gus_voice;


#define SNDRV_GF1_VFLG_RUNNING            (1<<0)
#define SNDRV_GF1_VFLG_EFFECT_TIMER1      (1<<1)
#define SNDRV_GF1_VFLG_PAN          (1<<2)

enum snd_gus_volume_state {

struct snd_gus_voice {
      int number;
      unsigned int use: 1,
          pcm: 1,
          midi: 1;
      unsigned int flags;
      unsigned char client;
      unsigned char port;
      unsigned char index;
      unsigned char pad;
      unsigned int interrupt_stat_wave;
      unsigned int interrupt_stat_volume;
      void (*handler_wave) (struct snd_gus_card * gus, struct snd_gus_voice * voice);
      void (*handler_volume) (struct snd_gus_card * gus, struct snd_gus_voice * voice);
      void (*handler_effect) (struct snd_gus_card * gus, struct snd_gus_voice * voice);
      void (*volume_change) (struct snd_gus_card * gus);

      struct snd_gus_sample_ops *sample_ops;

      /* running status / registers */

      unsigned short fc_register;
      unsigned short fc_lfo;
      unsigned short gf1_volume;
      unsigned char control;
      unsigned char mode;
      unsigned char gf1_pan;
      unsigned char effect_accumulator;
      unsigned char volume_control;
      unsigned char venv_value_next;
      enum snd_gus_volume_state venv_state;
      enum snd_gus_volume_state venv_state_prev;
      unsigned short vlo;
      unsigned short vro;
      unsigned short gf1_effect_volume;
      /* --- */

      void *private_data;
      void (*private_free)(struct snd_gus_voice *voice);

struct snd_gf1 {

      unsigned int enh_mode:1,      /* enhanced mode (GFA1) */
                 hw_lfo:1,          /* use hardware LFO */
                 sw_lfo:1,          /* use software LFO */
                 effect:1;          /* use effect voices */

      unsigned long port;           /* port of GF1 chip */
      struct resource *res_port1;
      struct resource *res_port2;
      int irq;                /* IRQ number */
      int dma1;               /* DMA1 number */
      int dma2;               /* DMA2 number */
      unsigned int memory;          /* GUS's DRAM size in bytes */
      unsigned int rom_memory;      /* GUS's ROM size in bytes */
      unsigned int rom_present;     /* bitmask */
      unsigned int rom_banks;       /* GUS's ROM banks */

      struct snd_gf1_mem mem_alloc;

      /* registers */
      unsigned short reg_page;
      unsigned short reg_regsel;
      unsigned short reg_data8;
      unsigned short reg_data16;
      unsigned short reg_irqstat;
      unsigned short reg_dram;
      unsigned short reg_timerctrl;
      unsigned short reg_timerdata;
      unsigned char ics_regs[6][2];
      /* --------- */

      unsigned char active_voices;  /* active voices */
      unsigned char active_voice;   /* selected voice (GF1PAGE register) */

      struct snd_gus_voice voices[32];    /* GF1 voices */

      unsigned int default_voice_address;

      unsigned short playback_freq; /* GF1 playback (mixing) frequency */
      unsigned short mode;          /* see to SNDRV_GF1_MODE_XXXX */
      unsigned char volume_ramp;
      unsigned char smooth_pan;
      unsigned char full_range_pan;
      unsigned char pad0;

      unsigned char *lfos;

      /* interrupt handlers */

      void (*interrupt_handler_midi_out) (struct snd_gus_card * gus);
      void (*interrupt_handler_midi_in) (struct snd_gus_card * gus);
      void (*interrupt_handler_timer1) (struct snd_gus_card * gus);
      void (*interrupt_handler_timer2) (struct snd_gus_card * gus);
      void (*interrupt_handler_dma_write) (struct snd_gus_card * gus);
      void (*interrupt_handler_dma_read) (struct snd_gus_card * gus);

      unsigned int interrupt_stat_midi_out;
      unsigned int interrupt_stat_midi_in;
      unsigned int interrupt_stat_timer1;
      unsigned int interrupt_stat_timer2;
      unsigned int interrupt_stat_dma_write;
      unsigned int interrupt_stat_dma_read;
      unsigned int interrupt_stat_voice_lost;

      /* synthesizer */

      int seq_client;
      struct snd_gus_port seq_ports[4];

      /* timer */

      unsigned short timer_enabled;
      struct snd_timer *timer1;
      struct snd_timer *timer2;

      /* midi */

      unsigned short uart_cmd;
      unsigned int uart_framing;
      unsigned int uart_overrun;

      /* dma operations */

      unsigned int dma_flags;
      unsigned int dma_shared;
      struct snd_gf1_dma_block *dma_data_pcm;
      struct snd_gf1_dma_block *dma_data_pcm_last;
      struct snd_gf1_dma_block *dma_data_synth;
      struct snd_gf1_dma_block *dma_data_synth_last;
      void (*dma_ack)(struct snd_gus_card * gus, void *private_data);
      void *dma_private_data;

      /* pcm */
      int pcm_channels;
      int pcm_alloc_voices;
        unsigned short pcm_volume_level_left;
      unsigned short pcm_volume_level_right;
      unsigned short pcm_volume_level_left1;
      unsigned short pcm_volume_level_right1;
      unsigned char pcm_rcntrl_reg;
      unsigned char pad_end;

/* main structure for GUS card */

struct snd_gus_card {
      struct snd_card *card;

      unsigned int
       initialized: 1,        /* resources were initialized */
       equal_irq:1,                 /* GF1 and CODEC shares IRQ (GUS MAX only) */
       equal_dma:1,                 /* if dma channels are equal (not valid for daughter board) */
       ics_flag:1,                  /* have we ICS mixer chip */
       ics_flipped:1,               /* ICS mixer have flipped some channels? */
       codec_flag:1,                /* have we CODEC chip? */
       max_flag:1,                  /* have we GUS MAX card? */
       max_ctrl_flag:1,       /* have we original GUS MAX card? */
       daughter_flag:1,       /* have we daughter board? */
       interwave:1,                 /* hey - we have InterWave card */
       ess_flag:1,                  /* ESS chip found... GUS Extreme */
       ace_flag:1,                  /* GUS ACE detected */
       uart_enable:1;               /* enable MIDI UART */
      unsigned short revision;      /* revision of chip */
      unsigned short max_cntrl_val; /* GUS MAX control value */
      unsigned short mix_cntrl_reg; /* mixer control register */
      unsigned short joystick_dac;  /* joystick DAC level */
      int timer_dev;                /* timer device */

      struct snd_gf1 gf1;     /* gf1 specific variables */
      struct snd_pcm *pcm;
      struct snd_pcm_substream *pcm_cap_substream;
      unsigned int c_dma_size;
      unsigned int c_period_size;
      unsigned int c_pos;

      struct snd_rawmidi *midi_uart;
      struct snd_rawmidi_substream *midi_substream_output;
      struct snd_rawmidi_substream *midi_substream_input;

      spinlock_t reg_lock;
      spinlock_t voice_alloc;
      spinlock_t active_voice_lock;
      spinlock_t event_lock;
      spinlock_t dma_lock;
      spinlock_t pcm_volume_level_lock;
      spinlock_t uart_cmd_lock;
      struct mutex dma_mutex;
      struct mutex register_mutex;

/* I/O functions for GF1/InterWave chip - gus_io.c */

static inline void snd_gf1_select_voice(struct snd_gus_card * gus, int voice)
      unsigned long flags;

      spin_lock_irqsave(&gus->active_voice_lock, flags);
      if (voice != gus->gf1.active_voice) {
            gus->gf1.active_voice = voice;
            outb(voice, GUSP(gus, GF1PAGE));
      spin_unlock_irqrestore(&gus->active_voice_lock, flags);

static inline void snd_gf1_uart_cmd(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char b)
      outb(gus->gf1.uart_cmd = b, GUSP(gus, MIDICTRL));

static inline unsigned char snd_gf1_uart_stat(struct snd_gus_card * gus)
      return inb(GUSP(gus, MIDISTAT));

static inline void snd_gf1_uart_put(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char b)
      outb(b, GUSP(gus, MIDIDATA));

static inline unsigned char snd_gf1_uart_get(struct snd_gus_card * gus)
      return inb(GUSP(gus, MIDIDATA));

extern void snd_gf1_delay(struct snd_gus_card * gus);

extern void snd_gf1_ctrl_stop(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg);

extern void snd_gf1_write8(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg, unsigned char data);
extern unsigned char snd_gf1_look8(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg);
static inline unsigned char snd_gf1_read8(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg)
      return snd_gf1_look8(gus, reg | 0x80);
extern void snd_gf1_write16(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg, unsigned int data);
extern unsigned short snd_gf1_look16(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg);
static inline unsigned short snd_gf1_read16(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg)
      return snd_gf1_look16(gus, reg | 0x80);
extern void snd_gf1_adlib_write(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg, unsigned char data);
extern void snd_gf1_dram_addr(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned int addr);
extern void snd_gf1_poke(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned int addr, unsigned char data);
extern unsigned char snd_gf1_peek(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned int addr);
extern void snd_gf1_write_addr(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg, unsigned int addr, short w_16bit);
extern unsigned int snd_gf1_read_addr(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg, short w_16bit);
extern void snd_gf1_i_ctrl_stop(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg);
extern void snd_gf1_i_write8(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg, unsigned char data);
extern unsigned char snd_gf1_i_look8(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg);
extern void snd_gf1_i_write16(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg, unsigned int data);
static inline unsigned char snd_gf1_i_read8(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg)
      return snd_gf1_i_look8(gus, reg | 0x80);
extern unsigned short snd_gf1_i_look16(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg);
static inline unsigned short snd_gf1_i_read16(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned char reg)
      return snd_gf1_i_look16(gus, reg | 0x80);

extern void snd_gf1_select_active_voices(struct snd_gus_card * gus);

/* gus_lfo.c */

      unsigned short freq_and_control;
      unsigned char depth_final;
      unsigned char depth_inc;
      unsigned short twave;
      unsigned short depth;

#if 0
extern irqreturn_t snd_gf1_lfo_effect_interrupt(struct snd_gus_card * gus, snd_gf1_voice_t * voice);
extern void snd_gf1_lfo_init(struct snd_gus_card * gus);
extern void snd_gf1_lfo_done(struct snd_gus_card * gus);
extern void snd_gf1_lfo_program(struct snd_gus_card * gus, int voice, int lfo_type, struct _SND_IW_LFO_PROGRAM *program);
extern void snd_gf1_lfo_enable(struct snd_gus_card * gus, int voice, int lfo_type);
extern void snd_gf1_lfo_disable(struct snd_gus_card * gus, int voice, int lfo_type);
extern void snd_gf1_lfo_change_freq(struct snd_gus_card * gus, int voice, int lfo_type, int freq);
extern void snd_gf1_lfo_change_depth(struct snd_gus_card * gus, int voice, int lfo_type, int depth);
extern void snd_gf1_lfo_setup(struct snd_gus_card * gus, int voice, int lfo_type, int freq, int current_depth, int depth, int sweep, int shape);
extern void snd_gf1_lfo_shutdown(struct snd_gus_card * gus, int voice, int lfo_type);
#if 0
extern void snd_gf1_lfo_command(struct snd_gus_card * gus, int voice, unsigned char *command);

/* gus_mem.c */

void snd_gf1_mem_lock(struct snd_gf1_mem * alloc, int xup);
int snd_gf1_mem_xfree(struct snd_gf1_mem * alloc, struct snd_gf1_mem_block * block);
struct snd_gf1_mem_block *snd_gf1_mem_alloc(struct snd_gf1_mem * alloc, int owner,
                               char *name, int size, int w_16,
                               int align, unsigned int *share_id);
int snd_gf1_mem_free(struct snd_gf1_mem * alloc, unsigned int address);
int snd_gf1_mem_free_owner(struct snd_gf1_mem * alloc, int owner);
int snd_gf1_mem_init(struct snd_gus_card * gus);
int snd_gf1_mem_done(struct snd_gus_card * gus);

/* gus_mem_proc.c */

int snd_gf1_mem_proc_init(struct snd_gus_card * gus);

/* gus_dma.c */

int snd_gf1_dma_init(struct snd_gus_card * gus);
int snd_gf1_dma_done(struct snd_gus_card * gus);
int snd_gf1_dma_transfer_block(struct snd_gus_card * gus,
                         struct snd_gf1_dma_block * block,
                         int atomic,
                         int synth);

/* gus_volume.c */

unsigned short snd_gf1_lvol_to_gvol_raw(unsigned int vol);
unsigned short snd_gf1_translate_freq(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned int freq2);

/* gus_reset.c */

void snd_gf1_set_default_handlers(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned int what);
void snd_gf1_smart_stop_voice(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned short voice);
void snd_gf1_stop_voice(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned short voice);
void snd_gf1_stop_voices(struct snd_gus_card * gus, unsigned short v_min, unsigned short v_max);
struct snd_gus_voice *snd_gf1_alloc_voice(struct snd_gus_card * gus, int type, int client, int port);
void snd_gf1_free_voice(struct snd_gus_card * gus, struct snd_gus_voice *voice);
int snd_gf1_start(struct snd_gus_card * gus);
int snd_gf1_stop(struct snd_gus_card * gus);

/* gus_mixer.c */

int snd_gf1_new_mixer(struct snd_gus_card * gus);

/* gus_pcm.c */

int snd_gf1_pcm_new(struct snd_gus_card * gus, int pcm_dev, int control_index, struct snd_pcm ** rpcm);

extern void snd_gf1_print_voice_registers(struct snd_gus_card * gus);

/* gus.c */

int snd_gus_use_inc(struct snd_gus_card * gus);
void snd_gus_use_dec(struct snd_gus_card * gus);
int snd_gus_create(struct snd_card *card,
               unsigned long port,
               int irq, int dma1, int dma2,
               int timer_dev,
               int voices,
               int pcm_channels,
               int effect,
               struct snd_gus_card ** rgus);
int snd_gus_initialize(struct snd_gus_card * gus);

/* gus_irq.c */

irqreturn_t snd_gus_interrupt(int irq, void *dev_id);
void snd_gus_irq_profile_init(struct snd_gus_card *gus);

/* gus_uart.c */

int snd_gf1_rawmidi_new(struct snd_gus_card * gus, int device, struct snd_rawmidi **rrawmidi);

/* gus_dram.c */
int snd_gus_dram_write(struct snd_gus_card *gus, char __user *ptr,
                   unsigned int addr, unsigned int size);
int snd_gus_dram_read(struct snd_gus_card *gus, char __user *ptr,
                  unsigned int addr, unsigned int size, int rom);

#endif /* __SOUND_GUS_H */

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